5 Ways MS Dynamics 365 can boost your business

Dynamics 365 – The New Gen App

What if your business processes came with personalized solutions, ensuring maximized productivity and delivering accurate and deeper insights?

The world is expansive and all the more connected. Customers are highly empowered and they expect to engage with your brand on their terms and conditions. Customer experience is quickly overtaking price and product as the main differentiator. Nobody can sit on their past laurels, as each day the customer expectations are increasing, and demanding assured value against their investment. Needless to say, intelligent and outstanding customer service has become the key to your business’ sustainability, as it increases brand loyalty through effortless customer connect.
MS Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s latest, cloud-based business application, offers its customers a great experience. The user-friendly software can be tailored to function the way your company already works or wants to work. Rest assured it will never let your clients down by missing an appointment or a service call. The application delivers a centralized, all-in-one view of all client service requests and calendars. It places marketing pitches, lead data, and sales call information into one central location and promptly analyses marketing and service activities across all points of contact. It’s ERP and CRM capabilities split into several apps, its functionalities, streamlined in a unified single package…integrates closely with the existing Microsoft products such as Office 365 and Outlook, and is capable of connecting to third-party programs thus proactively guiding the employees to optimal outcomes with real-time business intelligence tools like Power BI – directly embedded within your business processes.

Because of its extensive functionalities it has already been positioned by project-driven organizations as a direct competitor to major players such as Salesforce and Oracle. It certifies employees by enabling Office 365 productivity tools like Excel, SharePoint, and Skype within the context of your business processes, roles and jobs. It adapts to business changes quickly, hence a flexible application that deploy purpose-built, industry-specific cloud solutions for Sales, Marketing, Finance, PSA, Operations, Logistics, Customer Service, Human Resource Management and Field Service…all under one roof.
The application has the tools to assure that the right data is provided to the right employees—whether they are using the web, mobile or MS Outlook. It simplifies processes like building lead and client lists, creating campaigns targeted at specific prospects, measuring results and executing follow-ups. Simply put, Dynamics 365 is an alternative way to license and utilize business applications with significant additional functions. It can be purchased as individual business “solution”, or as a “bundle of apps” under specific “plan” with the flexibility to customize solutions in line with your business needs and goals. It comprises of a series of cloud-based workloads that enable key functionality and business process coverage. It’s like, when businesses choose a piece of technology to implement, they always consider 3-5 years performance period. Similarly, if a company decides to prioritize something, it not only looks at its performance but also observes its adaptability to their growing business needs…and that’s the kind of benefit Dynamics 365 bring.

The Inaugural Edition of Dynamics 365 Feature 5 Apps:

Automating the Sales and Marketing Process: connects sales and marketing services to help drive revenue, enables users to build and track relationships with their genuine customers, get an in-depth insight, generate leads, and close sales within the allotted time period. This way, the concerned staff needs to spend time dealing with only hot prospects. Cold or dead enquiries are eliminated before getting passed on to the sales team.

Single Dashboard Operation: cover all aspects of budgeting, planning, reporting, manufacturing, and supply chain management viz; hiring, on boarding, performance management, compensation, benefits can all be managed on a single dashboard.

Project Service Automation: automates prolonged recurring tasks, warn employees of open client issues including functions for resource management, contracts and budgeting., and automatically send important emails to clients and partners, so your client orders and enquiries are well attended. An end to end project, PSA empowers sales and delivery teams to successfully engage customers and deliver invoiceable projects on time and within budget, by helping you plan, estimate and bill projects, list out resources to optimize utilization, check and approve project tasks, time and expenses, enable internal and external team participation, and monitor key project and resource-related performance metrics. Nutshell is, MS Dynamics 365, the cloud-based ERP application delivers you a complete, efficient, effective and powerful control over all your business needs and operations and help bring in loop all your business functionalities hassle-free!

Client Retention through Improved Customer Service: aims to meet customer expectations through personalized service, streamlines the workflow by unifying the customer-facing and back-office teams against their day-to-day activities, and brings in more productivity, more business and more revenue.

Enhancing Field Service: helps users optimize their mobile workforce, with intelligent scheduling, remote assist monitoring and inventory management.

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