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Automotive Solutions

The Automotive Industry today operates in a challenging environment characterised by ahighly price-sensitive and demanding customers. Added to that is the adverse economic conditions and geographical market shifts. There is no dearth of large manufacturing and assembly investments but excess capacity is the biggest threat that the industry and its components face. This needs to be addressed quickly and effectively.

Driving Value Across the Automotive Chain

In these testing times automotive manufacturers need to radically redesign their business models to suit the evolving needs of the marketplace. The emergence of a digital world requires automotive manufacturers and their partners to renovate and re-align their global supply chains to become sustainable and profitable.

ISYX offers consulting expertise, technical knowhow and bestin class delivery processes to help automotive manufacturers successfully harness emerging technologies in domains such as telematics, mobility, social media and analytics. In addition, we help our clients improve their core manufacturing and supply chain processes to deliver superior products.

Connecting Customers to Connected Vehicles

ISYX drives transformation in the automotive retail business. Here’s an example of how our solutions help clients to own the customer for life and capture the vehicle lifecycle. For one of our clients, ISYX developed a customized solution wherein we leveraged data generated by vehicle sensors, vehicle applications and driver interactions.

This enabled the client to make insight-driven improvements to their marketing and product development functions. They were better able to deliver personalized experience, which led to happy customers and higher revenues.

Challenge more. Deliver better.

Our solutions focus on key issues across the automotive value chain from suppliers to consumers and are designed to help you compete in today’s challenging environment.

Banking Solutions

The Banking & Financial Services sector is faced with 3 key challenges – tapering growth, increasing competition and commoditization of banking products. Companies that want to break from the clutter and maneuver towards sustainable profits needto focus on superior customer service. At ISYX, we offer state-of-the-art technology services that help our banking clients to deliver unmatched business capabilities and increased profitability.

A 360 Degree View to Stay Agile, Competitive and Efficient

ISYX offers Banking and Financial software solutions that providea 360-degree view of your customers across all touch points viz. banks, ATMs, Internet, POS, mobile devices and self-service kiosks. Our offerings go beyond simple customer account view. We leverage critical customer data to determine overall customer value. Our modernized solutions manage sensitive, critical customer profiles that empower our clients to keep up with changing customer needs.

We enable our clients to channelize tailored efforts towards increasing customer satisfaction and customer retention. At ISYX we have a ‘zero compromise’ policy on safety and privacy of vulnerable information. By improving our clients’ operational efficiency, reducing errors and bringing down overall cost, ISYX aims to redefine banking & financial services.

As a partner to leading global banks, consumer and asset finance companies, and investment firms across the world, ISYXenables financial institutions to transform their businesses into innovative entities characterized by highly effective operational model that is agile, risk averse and cost-effective.

ISYX offers a wide range of services to help financial services providers to transform their technology and infrastructure. Here’s how:

Infrastructure services: Our infra services reduce costs and increase infrastructure agility by implementing more effective technologies and the operation of state-of-the-art service facto-ries (remote services) in domains such as data centers, network and voice services or work-places.

Cloud services: ISYX enables shifting of key technologies to Cloud and takes advantage of related services such as virtualization, provisioning and service catalogues.

IT strategy and transformation services: ISYX transforms how your organization encompasses IT. We enable maximization of real business value by incorporating new technologies, considering new operating methods, processes and governance.

Security services: ISYX offers security services to protect critical information, infrastructure, applications and processes against cyber threats.

Our solutions focus on key issues across the Banking industry to help you complete in today’s challenging environment. Explore our other service offerings related to this industry:

Education Solutions

Education is undergoing a paradigm shift.

No longer the ones to stick to set method of education, the new institutional players are marginalizing old ways just to replace them with innovative ones. Learning has got new structural formats: online, self-help courses, learning through smart devices, digital learning, cloud-based learning etc. These new formats of learning have blurred the lines between technology and learning thus introducing a new generation of education system. Millennials are more self-directed than older generations and that has led to parents and students to become extremely cost conscious along with cognizance of better quality. The entire education system is grappling with this dynamic environment and trying to make the best of it. We, at ISYX, have the skills and expertise to help educational institutions to chart the course of action, strategize innovative models and bring in a blend of technology to resolve business challenges.

How can technology innovation help?

Integrated learning solutions that has social, mobile and collaborative components are gradually making way into the future with individual standalone educational systems fading into oblivion. Real-time and cloud-based analytical solutions garner the necessary information on changing market needs.

We help institutions understand how to leverage these IT-based solutions for them to strategize based on market needs. We ensure the ubiquitous availability of online tools and resources to learners liberally by delivering the IT infrastructure.

Back-Office Support System

We provide a strong back office support system that goes beyond integrating and implementing latest processes into the system, delivering meaningful metrics and proactively addressingstudent needs.

Data warehousing, portfolio analysis and optimization, ERP and enterprise applications are some of the services of our back office support system that help improve learning experience, strategize decisions and enhance institutional effectiveness while controlling costs.

Education Publishing

Apart from online delivery of content and digital products & services, we at ISYX offer an assortment of other services such as providing digital content through smart devices, repositories of learning assets, analytical learning and initiating collaborative knowledge sharing.

Answering the Forces of Disruptive Innovation

As the educational landscape is undergoing a sea change with the advent of new technologies, new student expectations, and new competitors, the only key to institutional success is transformation. At ISYX we help institutions to wade through the choppy waters of dynamic changes and implement technology-based innovation.

Our IT-enabled services follow a holistic approach that includes all phases of planning, building, implementing and operating. We ensure the usage of proven methodology that caters to unique client needs while leveraging tools and solution accelerators.

Our solutions focus on key issues across the Education industry to help you complete in today’s challenging environment. Explore our other service offerings related to this industry:

Government Solutions

ISYX understands the multi-dimensional complexities that governments deal with. Tied down by budgetary constraints and steeply rising demand for public governance, companies need to construct innovative strategies and solutions to develop, deliver and support successful citizen-centric governance and help communities thrive. It’s time that public governance systems tapped into unexplored opportunities and made opti-mum use of available material, manpower and modern technologies to address environmental challenges, create resilient public infrastructure, ensure security, facilitate sustainable economic growth and build lasting communities.Organizations, big and small need to be agile and effective in their operations. It’s important to inculcate a healthy combination of result-based and process-focused ways of conducting community-centric business. Transparency and accountability are two factors that render businesses scalable and give them an added competitive advantage.

A Transformational Journey: Our Offerings

At ISYX, we offer our public sector clients, products that transform obsolete operations into smart solutions, cutting across all tiers of government organizations – federal, state and local. We develop and deliver end-to-end integrated software, hardware and infrastructure products. Our avant garde Information Communication Technology (ICT) solutions address scores of aspects viz. office automation, file management, workflow management, budgeting, knowledge management, payroll processing, and asset & inventory management. Leveraging our next generation technologies, advanced design architectures and strong net-works, organizations are able to access real-time information, services and analytics.

In addition, our existing frameworks in multiple domains spread across financial management, taxation, human resource management, law enforcement, healthcare and office automation, allow rapid deployment of solutions and drastically reduce lifecycle costs. Our vast experience in delivering leading edge solutions to the public sector around the globe, combined with our globally accepted best-practices has carved us an unrelenting position as leaders in this space. We take pride in our talent pool of experienced experts, highly skilled in delivering government-centric solutions and in using the most advanced technologies in the right, most effective way. Through our smart solutions, ISYX aims to improve citizens’ quality of life.

Our solutions focus on key issues across the Governments to help you complete in today’s challenging environment. Explore our other service offerings related to this industry:

Health care Solutions

You build a sustainable healthcare system. We ensure Digital Wellness.

Why a sustainable healthcare system is the need of the hour?

Healthcare industry is growing at a rate that by 2020. Growth in average annual healthcare spending by 2018 is expected to increase by 2.4% in Western Europe, 4.9% in North America, 8.1% in Asia & Australia to 8.7% in Middle East & Africa. While developed markets remain the major spenders in healthcare industry, developing markets are forecasted to increase their shares from 23% in 2014 to 32% in 2020. By 2018 the geriatric population will increase over to 580 million which would account for 10% of the global population. With so much at stake the healthcare industry is undergoing radical transformation solely driven by a fundamental shift in expectations of patients, governments, employers, healthcare providers and insurers.

Globally there is a massive change in focus of the for healthcare delivery organizations wherein the services they have earlier offered as funding and payment models have evolved and the current focus is shifted on patient wellness and outcomes. Organizations are adopting technology and an overall patient-centric care model to generate better business and wellness management besides enabling cost containment. ISYX helps healthcare industries to address the challenges by improving agility, performance and scalability of your healthcare enterprise. This we do by modernizing your infrastructure, optimizing operations and streamlining processes for greater efficiency and reduced costs.

Managing towards a sustainable healthcare system

Healthcare has lagged behind other industries when it came to treating customer as their priority. However, with recognition slowly dawning on the healthcare industry, it has realized that the challenge lies in the ability of putting customers at the centre of everything rather than following a paternalistic approach. This approach should seal the deal between patient, providers and payers. The industry’s challenges and priorities are driving healthcare systems to forge innovative solutions to manage the increasing expenses and complex social burdens that the geriatric population and increasing health issues bring. There is a massive transformation in the healthcare infrastructure in both developed and emerging economies where it is required to address the steady rise in both healthcare demand and costs. Countries such as China, India, the Middle East and Latin America are redeveloping state-of-the-art hospitals and medical centers custom-made to address these challenges. What is the imperative base to this transformation? It is the digital infrastructure that enables information sharing among healthcare providers, payers and patients. Automation of hospital administrative processes such as patient registration, admission, and discharge is widespread. However, fully digital hospitals with advanced hospital information systems interconnected by a robust and reliable infrastructure are very few. We have focused on accountability, affordability and quality outcomes that have led to structural changes in the healthcare industry. We help you engineer your models so that you can secure your position in the integrated healthcare ecosystem.

What is our service portfolio?

Managing complexity: the Digital Hospital Framework

Digital hospitals are complex ecosystems but if properly integrated, these processes can seamlessly unite patients, clinicians, staff and assets, and provide a gamut of information throughout the hospital at the right time to the point of care. Essential to this integration are the ICT that interconnects all aspects of care delivery and administration. In addition to digital medical devices and continuously available high-speed networking infrastructure, hospitals must re-engineer business processes to create paperless automated workflows. We ensure the computerized entry of electronic medical records and access to medical imaging integrated in the system seamlessly.

We also plan the decomposition, redesign and planning of clinical and business processes that must start early in the cycle, even before the specification and selection of technology. Whether planning the development of new intensive care and ambulatory facilities or modernizing aging technology infrastructure of existing hospitals, our skilled healthcare executives help in understanding the interaction within an enterprise. With their skilled expertise they coordinate different facilities across diverse care settings in an assembled health system. Digital hospitals have to be retrofitted with the latest digital information technology because not only do they provide faster and safer throughput of patients but they create more capacity through process efficiencies, while containing costs as well.

Manufacturing Solutions

Global manufacturers are investing in solutions that enable them to become cost effective and emerge as process leaders. At a time when excess capacity can over shadow business profitability, manufacturers are increasingly looking out for means and methods to optimize capacity, achieve high efficiency and at the same time deliver superior quality products that meet safety and regulatory norms.

ISYX enables our clients to become thought leaders and innovators in the manufacturing landscape. ISYX offers cutting edge manufacturing solutions that transform the entire value chain.

Unmatched and Unrivalled: Our Service Portfolio

From aerospace and defense to automotive and chemical, ISYX has an enviable presence across a wide spectrum of industries. ISYX, with its competitive solutions, unrivalled services and consistent high performance, has carved itself out as a prominent player in the manufacturing consulting and IT services industry. Our proven track record of delivering real, measurable business benefits at each speck of the chain has allowed us to be the partner of choice for several global manufacturing giants. We deliver multi-dimensional services spanning IT-led business transformations, design, development & support for IT solutions.

We also offer value-added services like outsourcing, infrastructure management and consulting. Each of our solution is carefully crafted to enhance competitive differentiation. ISYX comprises a team of dedicated business consulting professionals who aim for customer delight by delivering solutions that exceed business expectations. We focus on smart solutions and processes to help automobile and discrete manufacturers meet their strategic goals. Our knowledge of manufacturing in emerging markets has resulted in us bagging multi-dealer, multi-lingual and multi-branch system deployments

How do you benefit:

ISYX harnesses advanced technologies that enable industrial manufacturers transform their IT strategies. Take a look:

Supply chain optimization: ISYX offers solutions to streamline processes to mark higher operational efficiency.

E-Procurement and ERP: Our Procurement and ERP solutions encompass supplier portals, scorecards, inventory & warehouse management and production planning solutions to boost productivity, reduce costs and scale up business.

Customer and dealer management: Our value adding services include multi-lingual dealer management systems and customer portals.

After-sales services:We offer competitive post-sales service including warranty, service and spare parts management.

Content management:We offer advanced content management solutions to develop, manage and track regulatory compliance documents, product information, website content and other digital rights.

Our solutions focus on key issues across the Manufacturing industry to help you compete in today’s challenging environment. Explore our other service offerings related to this industry:

Retail Consulting Solutions

In an ever-evolving market, where customers rule the roost, it is just not enough to simply meet customer needs. Organizations need to go the extra mile to build an innovative and connected shopping experience that exceeds customer expectations and earns their lifetime loyalty. It is time to step into a transformative journey that renders retail businesses more consumer-oriented, personalized and seamlessly connected at all times.

ISYX helps clients deliver engaging, customized and consistent brand experiences across multiple channels, which strengthen customer relationships, drive profitability and enhance competitive advantage. Our disruptive retail solutions like touch screen counters and augmented reality are uniquely designed to offer immersive experiences that re-define brand experience, and turn customers into brand advocates.

Breaking Boundaries - Online and Offline

Our Service Portfolio

ISYX, with our leading edge solutions enable retailers to increase revenue by delivering exceptional products and memorable buying experiences. By building strong multi-channel marketing and consumer-centric strategies, our solutions and services help our clients transform their retail business into a thriving ecosystem that unlocks huge business potential.

Delivering Smarter Shopping Experience Every Single Time

Our solutions help to segment customers and target them individually with timely, relevant and personalized offers delivered via their preferred channels.

Here’s how:

Retailers can now create in-depth customer profiling by understanding demographics, preferences, propensities, transaction history and social media interactions. Our solutions also make use of advanced analytics and web solutions to detect patterns and derive actionable insights.

Our Solutions

ISYX offers a comprehensive package of retail solutions that makes use of Big Data and Analytics to help our clients meet their business objectives sooner, better and more effectively. We cater to segments spanning across Food, Specialty Retailing, Non-Store Retailing, Fashion, General Merchandise Retailing and Pharma.

Omni-Channel Commerce

Regardless of the vast number of customer touchpoints saturating the market, consumers view brands as one single entity, and rightly so. They want consistent brand experience and accurate information, no matter which channel they choose to interact with the brand. ISYX offers advanced multi-channel enablement solutions to meet business objectives. Our agile solutions help retailers deliver a seamless shopping experience across all customer touch-points be it online or offline.

Our solutions are designed to navigate to the most efficient and affordable paths to fulfilment. Numbers drive our solutions as we extensively use advanced analytics tools to monitor customer patterns and formulate predictive models, Our focus on Big Data allows us to anticipate customers’ wants and understand their preferred channels and also improve processes. We help our clients become more customer-centric, reduce customer acquisition costs, improve accuracy and increase profits.

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Merchandising is all about ensuring that the right products are stocked in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity and of course at the right price. Retailers need to bridge the gap between planning and execution. They need to be informed about what went amiss and all that they did just right in order to be future-ready. After all, it is of utmost importance to retailers to construct a strong merchandising strategy that induces buying behavior. Our solutions are customized to do just that.

Our merchandise planning and assortment solutions enable multi-channel planning, collaboration, localization and differentiation to help companies increase gross margins, sales volumes and revenues. Our highly advanced analytical and reporting tools gather valuable customer insights that empower clients to understand the pulse of the market, formulate appropriate pricing strategies and take wise business decisions. Our merchandising solutions which focus on consumer data, and analytics help clients to chalk out speedy and accurate processes. Our solutions help clients to become more cost effective and customer-centric.

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Retail Security Solutions

The digital world with all its benefits has also given rise to a huge number of security issues. The need of the hour is to prevent threats and not simply respond. Organizations need to brace up and be prepared for attacks that can compromise their safety and privacy. It is time to be proactive.

Our clients rely on our solutions that create high quality Retail Security and Store Infrastructure. ISYX understands that as touch points increase, so does the risk of security breaches and threats. To combat this, we offer sophisticated technologies that anticipate, detect and respond to unusual and uncalled for activities. ISYX offers one of the most advanced and comprehensive portfolios of security-related services and solutions for the retail industry that adapts to changing regulatory norms, is cost-effective and compliant across the board.

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Sports Consulting Solutions

Right Strategies with the Right Solutions: Our Services & Solutions

As capital investments continue to grow, organizations are continually striving to achieve a high degree of sustainable profits by effectively using emerging technologies across the gamut of platforms which have proliferated the marketplace. ISYX Technologies aim to boost Innovation, bring in sustained automation and strong governance by leveraging advanced tools and business models, applying them across industry verticals. Our experienced consulting services coupled with modern solutions help model clients’ over-all business continuity.

Having collaborated with leading hardware & software players, ISYX Technologies takes pride in its strong partner network. We are home to a dedicated team of Project Managers who have unmatched experience in developing and delivering exceptional sports consulting services.

Our solutions are an apt example of how we strive to bring forth the best-of-the-breed technology partners across the globe. Our vision is to enable you to connect with specialized players in the fields of Network, Security, CCTV and Wireless. We build solutions that delve into collaboration tools, unified communication, data & physical security, real time reporting & analysis.

Our solutions focus on key issues across the Healthcare industry to help you complete in today’s challenging environment. Explore our other service offerings related to this industry:

Utility Consulting Solutions


Our distinctive approach towards problems encourages energy and utility companies to choose us as partners to help them work in an optimised way. Our drive to cater to clients based on our industry experience of many years, has led to creating happy customer experiences. Our methodologies comprise proven frameworks and assets that ensure successful outcomes.

Customer Experience Management

Our digital expertise, diligently keeping abreast of the emerging communication channels and rising customer expectations, helps us to facilitate best-in-class customer experience across multiple channels and platforms.

Utilities and Energy management

ISYX has proven methodologies and frameworks designed to maximize and streamline processes across departments and deliver insight into assets and work. Our contribution to energy management and utilities sectors ranges from providing business intelligence frame work to addressing industry, region and stakeholder-specific requirements to virtualized assets that addresses industry-specific problems.

Energy management solutions of ISYX is dedicated to managing energy programs and supporting the rollout of consumption rate and analytics. Our innovative frame work provides support to integration of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT)

Our leading capabilities


We work with massive amount of structured and unstructured data that is available on the cloud, turning them into meaningful insights to transform businesses.


Cloud being the new technology that has permeated our IT ecosystem, we have enabled new levels of security, scalability and mobility with cloud computing.


We take measures to protect your company’s critical assets and guard them against cyber attacks for a safer, more reliable grid.


We have metrics to measure asset health and enable predictive maintenance with cloud-based enterprise-wide analytics.

Our solutions focus on key issues across the Utility Consulting Solutions to help you complete in today’s challenging environment. Explore our other service offerings related to this industry:

Construction Consulting Solutions

Count on Us: Our Service Portfolio

Right from initiation to final closure of projects, ISYX offers customized construction service solutions designed to delight clients through all phases of construction. With unwavering focus on quality, coupled with the most advanced tools and innovative best practice methods, we cultivate an environment that puts customers at the fore.

At ISYX, we make your ideas a reality by incorporating seamless processes, modern technologies, innumerable safety checks, reliable materials and integration of skills. Our industry specific solutions led by a group of high skilled domain experts and IT professionals help you achieve sustainability while ensuring margins and increasing revenues.

Our solutions focus on key issues across the Construction industry to help you complete in today’s challenging environment. Explore our other service offerings related to this industry:

High-Tech Consulting Solutions

Let ISYX help you re-define your business processes with our industry-specific and tailored solutions to improve competitiveness, innovation and sustainability.

The segments we serve:

Our solutions focus on key issues across the High-Tech Consulting Solutions to help you compete in today’s challenging environment. Explore our other service offerings related to this industry: